Tuesday, September 25, 2007

German Bishops' Conference discuss Latin Mass

Full report of their deliberations.

The key passage

Latin Mass starting from October

For the celebration of Latin Masses The Bishops’ Conference will not provide a uniform regulation for all 27 dioceses, Cardinal Lehmann said. The Bishops’ Conference will discuss a bilateral text on Masses according to the Tridentine rite. On adoption, the new regulation will enter into force, starting in October.

Since the situation is very different in each of the Dioceses, one can understand why such an Episcopal document only provides demarcation guidelines, “with a large way open for the Dioceses to proceed down the centre”. The Cardinal explained that one did not want to evade the gift of the Pope to the people, but the demand is smaller than thought.

Try telling Pro Sancta Ecclesia demand is smaller than thought. They have inundated with requests for assistance and informatio.

Strange, I thought September 14 was the implementation date for the Motu Proprio.

The Pope's brother, it is reported will be attending a Latin Mass in Regensburg on 29th September. (See Pope's Brother slams Cardinal Danneels).

This is where the German Bishops' Conference worships.

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