Wednesday, August 09, 2006

First Communion is not what it once was


Impossible to understand the religious significance.
Elongated altars!
and rucksacks
More invented rituals
The fish was the first Christian symbol.

Children of the world unite, throw off your chains!
A Mass preparing for First Communion. Ritual sleep over.

Thanks to the ever-excellent See the priest of the parishes above who celebrates in jeans and T-shirt.

You've been framed.
But don't think you will be any the wiser about Catholicism.


Tito said...


Rich said...

And people wonder why lapsed Catholics are so common. We trivialize everything. No one wants to commit their lives to a lukewarm faith.

dilexitprior said...

At least they were allowed to wear white. (ughhhhh. . . not even always the case)

aaron said...

Oh Dear. I'm glad my First Communion was little fuss, even though I received it with my school class

Rachel said...

Reason #245,986 that I have moved to a traditional parish, with an orthodox, wonderful priest!

My oldest dc is only a year and a half away from receiving her First Communion...and there was no way I was letting her receive from the parish we were attending at the time.

It's really sad...

Brian Michael Page said...

Horrid! Makes my daughter's First Communion (which was pretty bad) and my nephew's First Communion (which was worse) look pretty dang good!

Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S. said...

Gosh, and I thought ours were bad. Even as pastor, do you realize how difficult it is to rid the rite of this trash?

Esther said...

My first thought was that you were just kidding. Then I realized this was real!!

CastCantor said...

The construction paper "fish" in the photos, with the pretty scales, is the "Rainbow Fish," from one of the lousiest children's books of recent times.
I bet this passes for catechesis at this Faith Community.

Owen {art & smithereens} said...

It's images such as these that remind me of the seeker sensitive church where I was a Protestant minister and why, in part, I left it for the Catholic faith and then, that too makes me wonder...did I leave it?

If this was their First Communion what on earth was the Catechesis that lead up to it?

Moneybags said...

Is there anyone we can contact about what appears to be obvious abuses of Church law? Where did this take place at?