Monday, January 24, 2005

Carnival Cardinal Lehmann and the devil


The Diocese of Aachen is almost bankrupt. Their Bishop is trying to evict three remaining nuns from the Aachen Carmel, so he can sell their convent for ready money. But on the evening of the 22 January the Bishop decided it was more important to go to the Aachen Carnival. There he could see a mock up of his ancient Cathedral being given over to the devil and his troupe of dancer and Cardinal Lehmann being made a "Knight against Deadly Seriousness". Here is the Cardinal and the devil. The devil is no laughing matter, the state of the Church is deadly serious. But now we know what are the priorities of the Bishop of Aachen and the Cardinal Archbishop of Mainz


Chris Lauer said...

Is this Cardinal wearing a pentagram on his lapel?

Gillibrand said...

No! The medal of the carnival. Phew! He is Chairman of the Catholic Bishops' Conference.

Chris Lauer said...

I repeat a different way... Is the Medal of the Carnival that Cardinal Lehmann is wearing on his lapel a pentagram. It appears to be a red pentagram to me.

Gillibrand said...

Got it now! I am very slow even in my 40s

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