Monday, October 23, 2017

Francis, the polariser is beyond ideology, neither "right" nor "left"


Pope Francis polarized, also unintentionally. Some conservative Catholics criticize him, others start a solidarity initiative. According to the Jesuit Antonio Spadaro, Francis is not associated with any political direction.

"His approach has always been spiritual and never ideological," said the Jesuit Antonio Spadaro in Rome on Saturday evening at the presentation of his interview book with the Pope, which has just been published in Italy. It is impossible to pull Francis into a direction like "right" or "left".

Pope refused an ideologization

The Pope had emphasized that he had never been "right". He thus referred to allegations of a proximity to the Argentine military dictatorship (1976-1983) during his time as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, according to Spadaro. Likewise, Francis had said that he had never been a communist, according to the head of the Jesuit magazine Civilta Cattolica. (Cathcon: well that is a relief)

This, too, shows that the head of the church is miles apart from any ideological approach. "The Pope refuses an ideologization of Christianity, that is, a transformation of Christianity into a religious ideology," says Spadaro.

Interview book by Antonio Spadaro

Spadaro, who, like Francis, belongs to the Jesuit Order, is editor of the interview book "Adesso fate le vostre domande" ("Please ask your questions").


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