Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Lutherans in Denmark conduct first transsexual church wedding

The Lutheran Church of Ringsted, west of Copenhagen, has celebrated the first religious marriage of a transsexual pair. The Danish parliament approved in June 2012 a law allowing "marriages" between same sex in the National Lutheran Church. However, until now there had been no "marriage" between transsexuals.

"For us, it is important not that we just get married at City Hall. We also want a religious marriage, and it's nice to have the acceptance of the Church ", Isabell Storm and Cecilie Mundt, both born men, said on public television DR .

The Lutheran pastor, Henrik Fuglsang-Damgaard, said he was "delighted" to celebrate the ceremony and be the first pastor to marry two transsexuals in this Nordic country, where there is no separation between church and the state, because the nation is Lutheran.

"I think they made a good decision, they followed the feelings of their heart and were not afraid to show to God and to men that they are together. I think that God rejoices in heaven ", said the pastor, Fuglsang-Damgaard.

The Lutheran Church is deeply experienced in LGBT advocacy. This Protestant stream has openly has long campaigned for the recognition and acceptance of "marriage" between same sex.

A transsexual pastor was at the same time admitted to this Lutheran church ...


Cathcon: Shows how completely useless modern ecumenism has become- unless the Pope is even comfortable with this.

For the reality behind this sentimentalism, a fascinating article.

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