Monday, February 09, 2015

Cardinal questions, "Islam belongs to Germany"

Cardinal Karl Lehmann has taken up to a critical position on the formulation used by former Federal President Christian Wulff and more recently Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) "Islam belongs to Germany" (Cathcon- could also be “is a part of”- to avoid the idea of ownership which is present).

 In an article published on Tuesday for the newspaper of his Diocese of Mainz, "Faith and Life”, the Bishop speaks of a "slogan" that was "much too vague".
With good will one could discover what was meant by this "shortened phase," said the Cardinal who belongs to the liberal wing of the Catholic Church. Namely that Islam is among the major religions in Germany, "we meet all its members with respect and we have respect for its followers in the context of religious freedom."

At the same time, the Cardinal pointed out that Europe was deeply marked and sustained by "Judaism-Christianity in many spiritual and social entities. In this respect, a simple equation of the association of Islam is historically and in view of the current intellectual and social situation inadequate "and even wrong".
However, this is not an impediment to "a national right of Muslims in Germany and of the existence and activities of Islam with us already offered by the religious freedom ".

Expressly Lehmann warns, the slogan "Islam is
part of Germany" should never be used to construct a concept of an enemy.
Instead, this phase must encourage us to get to know each other better. "This
is lacking," said the Cardinal," not only for Muslims but also for us
Germans and Europeans." Enlightenment is an urgent necessity, even if it
alone will not bring healing.



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