Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Vatican's chief investigator of sexual abuse cases defends Cardinal Mahony

The ex- Vatican prosecutor of the abuse cases tellsTgcom 24: "We are more aware than ever before. The hard line? That was decided by Ratzinger "

Cardinal Roger Mahony "again and again was asking advice on how to do well", said Msgr. Charles J. Scicluna, a former Promoter of Justice of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, interviewed by Tgcom24 for L'intervista della domenica-The interview on Sunday, by Alessandro Banfi, on the case of the former Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles accused of covering up cases of pedophilia. "It's easy for us to judge the decisions of those who I call the poor bishop that had to handle these cases 30 years ago. Of course, these cardinals in the conclave will have a greater awareness. "

Compared to the past "we are now more aware," "you make more laws to reply to certain phenomena," says Scicluna, by “which the criteria used today to judge these cases, shows in the past the right things were not done. Of course, these cardinals in the conclave have a great awareness. They can share their suffering but also what they have learned: their determination to do better and the need in the Church to do well, because this is a battle we cannot lose. "

Regarding the case of Cardinal Keith O'Brien, hit by allegations of "inappropriate behavior" towards some priests, who has announced that he will not participate in the conclave, "we respect his decision. I have already said that the Holy Spirit at the time of the conclave will speak to the hearts of all, "says Scicluna.

As for Pope Benedict, Scicluna said: "Ratzinger, in this modern era, faced with the beginning of this new wave of scandals took the decision to act. He had already met with victims on paper, reading what they had suffered. Then he wanted to be a shepherd near these wounded people. I think this is an act of great spiritual fatherhood, compassion and courage. "

"The greatest defense we can make - he added - is to assure people that we will not hide anything under the carpet, we have the courage to deal with sin where it is and to clean up where we can because we can do so '..


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Aged parent said...

No surprise here. Typical damage control statements in classic corporate-ese. When the Vatican lets loose of its "circle the wagons" mentality and starts facing the crisis in the Church like Catholics then and only then will good things begin.

Denying that one of their own was a villain will not do much to help God's Church from returning to sanity.