Monday, March 18, 2013

Pope Francis: installation Liturgy like none we’ve seen!


"The Gospel will be chanted in Greek, not Latin.
Wow. I hear heads exploding. But that’s kind of a primary document language, yes?

Only 6 Cardinals will make the pledge of obedience to the pope, on behalf of all of them.
Okay, well, they’ve already done this privately, so I see the point — why make the mass longer when half a million people have to stand through it. But I hope they make the six most troublesome Cardinals do it. Make them speak the words!

Francis will wear the exact same palium worn by Benedict.
That’s a nice touch, and a tribute to his predecessor.

Patriarchs and major Archbishops of Eastern churches will join Francis in venerating the tomb of St. Peter."

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Cathcon- Cardinal Danneels as the senior Cardinal Priest will read prayers.
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