Monday, March 18, 2013

Pope Francis: installation Liturgy like none we’ve seen!


"The Gospel will be chanted in Greek, not Latin.
Wow. I hear heads exploding. But that’s kind of a primary document language, yes?

Only 6 Cardinals will make the pledge of obedience to the pope, on behalf of all of them.
Okay, well, they’ve already done this privately, so I see the point — why make the mass longer when half a million people have to stand through it. But I hope they make the six most troublesome Cardinals do it. Make them speak the words!

Francis will wear the exact same palium worn by Benedict.
That’s a nice touch, and a tribute to his predecessor.

Patriarchs and major Archbishops of Eastern churches will join Francis in venerating the tomb of St. Peter."

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Cathcon- Cardinal Danneels as the senior Cardinal Priest will read prayers.

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Faby said...

Aunque hoy él TUVO que mejorar su latín, (lo habrán puesto a estudiar pronunciación, se lo notó pausado al pronunciar), como ayer comenté, es enemigo -al igual que Lutero- de utilizar la lengua materna de la iglesia romana. No lo tomo como un gesto hacia los ortodoxos, sino como una rebeldía más de las que vendrán en forma de "lobo vestido de oveja". Recuerda Gillibrand que me mandó a escuchar misa en Arameo este entonces obispo? Yo lo relaciono con eso.
saludos, faby-luis.