Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pope begins Easter with liturgical abuse


Cathcon- It is a salutary thing to visit the captives, as the Bible states, but the washing of the feet of the twelve who represent the Twelve Apostles is confined to adult Christian men. One of the two girls whose feet he washed was Muslim. Given the way the action will be viewed in the Middle East, it is hardly prudent.

Post scriptum!

We will see whether it is a particular case as Lombardi suggests or the beginning of a journey. Given his active support for the charismatic movement in his Diocese, one can only be concerned that he could be prepared to ordain women, under a movement of the spirit. For much of the last fifty years, we had the Spirit of Vatican II used to justify all sorts of unacceptable practices, which were never the working of the Holy Spirit.
How can the Pope maintain discipline in the Church if he himself does not conform himself to prevailing ecclesiastical legislation? He has the power to change legislation but it would be advisable to do that first.
More precisely put by a canon lawyer and see also for a discussion of What is Pope Francis really saying?.
And for a further analysis of why this matters. And a very thorough analysis from Vatican Insider.
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