Friday, March 08, 2013

Papal candidates being checked for past of sexual abuse

The abuse scandal plays, according to the Chicago Cardinal Francis George (76), a central role in finding candidates for the papacy. The preliminary meetings before the conclave in Rome are not just about leadership skills and communication style, but also about personal moral issues, George said to the newspaper "Chicago Tribune". "Does he have a past?" was a question among the Cardinals. Even being close to someone who is guilty of sexual misconduct could put suitability for church leadership under question.

Meanwhile in Rome the waiting continued. Yesterday evening the assembled cardinals had not yet decided on the start of the forthcoming conclave. The 11 March is considered as a possible date for the beginning of the Papal election.

Observers speculate meanwhile about tensions among the cardinals. North American cardinals were looking according to media reports for support from their African and South American colleagues for a non-European candidate for the Chair of Peter, so that no modern (Cathcon-ist). The "Vatileaks" affair of documents stolen from the Pope, intrigue and corruption in the Vatican have are being considered by the Cardinals. Cardinals especially from overseas wished to know from the Curia in Rome about the affair. At the instigation of the retired Benedict, the investigation file will be given to his successor.


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