Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cardinal's bid for the Papacy opposed by his country....and his mother and the rest of the family

Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn’s elderly mother hopes he won’t become pope because she fears she would never see him and that he would be overwhelmed by Vatican intrigues.

“The whole family is afraid that Christoph will be elected pope,” Eleonore Schönborn, 92, told the Kleine Zeitung newspaper in an interview printed on Tuesday as 115 Roman Catholic cardinals gathered in Rome to pick the new head of the Church.

Recalling Pope Benedict’s farewell speech, which made clear that popes belonged entirely to the Church, she said her son’s elevation would mean “it is over for me. Then I will not see Christoph ever again because I no longer have the strength to travel to Rome”.


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Austrians reject compatriot Schönborn for the Papacy

While in Italy, Cardinal Schönborn is seen as a promising candidate, the Austrians have apparently little confidence in the Viennese Cardinal. Such is shown by the publication of a survey of the Kronen Zeitung of 13 February 2013 which shows only one third of Austrians support their compatriot Schönborn as the new pope. Exactly 34.2 percent of respondents can imagine the Archbishop of Vienna in this highest office in the Catholic Church, but on the other hand 65.8 percent reject the idea of Schönborn as Pope. The election of a new pope could, however, take a long time anyway. Almost 750 years ago, the Papal election even took a whole two years, nine months and eight days.


Cathcon- The Cardinal is not without enemies in Rome since he accused Cardinal Sodano of covering up the alleged abuse of his predecessor Cardinal Groër. That the Cardinal was the chief beneficiary of the fall of his predecessor is obvious. Cardinal Meisner at Cardinal Groër's Requiem stated, "I was ashamed and disturbed, because I did not at all feel like I had stood by him firmly enough" and Cardinal Groër denied the allegations to the end. Cathcon is aware of one traditionalist priest close to Cardinal Groër at the end who believed that the allegations were untrue. By the sound of this Cardinal Meisner would not lift a little finger for the Cardinal of Vienna in the Conclave, and given Cardinal Meisner's putative influence and friendship with the outgoing Pope, this could be highly significant. It would be wonderful again to have a Thomist on the Throne of Peter, but the Cardinal of Vienna by his own admission is a Thomist of the less than strict, some would say lax observance.

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