Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cardinal Lehmann could not be happier with the election of the new Pope

His turbulent days are him behind: Cardinal Karl Lehmann, Bishop of Mainz. As one of six German representatives in the conclave he elected the new pope. Now he speaks to hr-iNFO "Conversation"- (Cathcon- when podcast available will extract any other key points)

First the resignation of the old pope, then the meeting at the Vatican for the election of the new head of the Catholic Church, including the surprising decision of Pope Francis, the first Pope from Latin America. Cardinal Karl Lehmann has just had some exciting day. Now he's back in Mainz, and answers the questions of hr-church editor Klaus Hofmeister and hr-iNFO-editor Oliver Günther. How did Cardinal Lehmann personally experience the past two weeks regarding the election of a pope? And what actually happens behind the scenes of a Conclave? Different rules apply here compared to politics: There is no official nomination of candidates, and campaign speeches are not provided. So how to find the right candidate? And how to organize majorities? But he looks not only back, but forward. What does Cardinal Lehmann expect from the new Pope, who he obviously thinks is a good choice? Finally he said shortly after the election of Pope Francis: "I am very happy, very happy."

Source Cardinal Kasper shares his joy.

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