Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cardinal angered over indiscretions demands urgent clean-up of Curia

Cardinal at press conference upset about indiscretions - Pope Francis will "give some strong signs" in the future

An urgent cleanup is needed within the Vatican said Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

The Cardinal said at a press conference on Thursday afternoon in Rome that Pope Francis will soon succeed in restoring the reputation of the Vatican. Schönborn appeared upset about a few bad apples that had via leaks discredited the entire Vatican. The Archbishop of Vienna spoke literally of a "scandal" that "confidential discussions of the cardinals in the Vatican were printed verbatim in Italian newspapers".

At the same time emphasized the cardinal, that most employees of the Vatican are very loyal and very competent. Also, the Cardinals had, at the meetings and discussions, expressed their loyalty to the Holy See.

Schönborn would not comment about speculation that he could soon be a leader within the Vatican Curia. He would only say that he was looking forward now to return to Vienna and he hoped "eventually to find his grave in the cathedral."

Pope Francis will "give a lot of strong signs" in the future, according to Schönborn. The new Pope will clearly put the "gospel of poverty and simplicity" in the center and thus give more weight to the new evangelization. Through Francis, the view of Europe and the German-speaking countries were expanded to the global church, "just because we feel ourselves too often to be the centre of the world."


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