Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Will it be a round-trip for Cardinal Schönborn as he leaves for Rome?

Schönborn: Great confidence in proper Papal election
Vienna's archbishop departed on Tuesday afternoon to Rome - "The great task of the next Pope will be what Benedict XVI has repeatedly emphasized so clearly- to put God at the centre."

with a prayer at the Archbishop's palace in Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn on Tuesday afternoon said goodbye to his staff before he left for Rome. He had great faith, the Cardinal said, "God is with us", and the cardinals in the conclave would choose the right man to be the next pope. God had already chosen the next Pope, the cardinals task is simply, to discover who this is. To do this requires the prayer of the whole Church, according to Schönborn.

The great task of the next pope will be what also Benedict XV has repeatedly emphasized so clearly - to put God at the centre. It is necessary "to refer to the human desire for God," said Schonborn. Because: "Where God is neglected, humanity comes to be diminished." The Archbishop of Vienna, recalled in his short speech in the Chapel of St Andrew in the Archbishop's palace in this connection the Soviet poet and writer Andrei Sinyavsky, who had just written this down during his imprisonment in an inhuman Soviet prison camp: "Enough talk of the people, we must speak of God . "

The liturgical celebration ended with a double blessing- one from the Archbishop for the employees and one of them gave the appointed blessing prayer for the departing Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

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