Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Priest with Superman instead of Christ on his chasuble


The Mexican priest Humberto Alvarez has used unusual methods to make the church attractive to young people. And he gets help from a super-hero.

Superman on his chasuble, blessing with water pistol. The Mexican priest, Humberto Alvarez tries with creativity to get children and youth to like the Church.

There is encouragement and also criticism of his actions said Alvarez according to Mexican media reports. "There are groups which support me and there are people who oppose, as they worry that I might be perceived as a caricature.

The Bishop of Saltillo who is responsible for the priest, Raul Vera has done nothing against his unusual practice. The children's Masses enjoy a lively throng.



Anonymous said...

Liturgical Abuse...
Superman is no replacement for Jesus.
And a 'super soaker' is no replacement for a Holy Water sprinkler.

Anonymous said...

Liturgical Abuse
Superman is no replacement for Jesus.
A 'supersoaker' is no replacement for a Holy Water Sprinkler. (AKA, Aspergillum)