Friday, February 22, 2013

Cardinal Schönborn worried by homosexual adoption

The local Roman Catholic Church is not happy with this week's ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on the adoptive rights of homosexual couples. This ruling "we'll have to take note of, but look at it with concern," Cardinal Christoph Schönborn and Bishop Klaus Küng gave their position on Friday via Kathpress.

The ECHR held: gay people should not be denied the so-called stepchild-adoption because of their sexual orientation. Austria discriminates against gay couples.

The problem with the judgment is that "there is a further development towards reframing the family image prescribed" according Schönborn and Küng. Every person has "dignity" - and whose "attitudes, beliefs, skills, and sexual orientation" are to be respected. If, however, the "right to demand the cessation of all forms of discrimination", has an influence on family law, there are serious consequences to be taken into account," say the churchmen. "Central to this question is that the child's welfare must be considered. The identity of each person is "inextricably linked to his own father and his own mother, it said in the statement. "And the child suffers most when families break up or if they can now grow up in the security of the family within the meaning of marriage between father and mother."

Politicians have announced their intention to amend the relevant legislation in the context of the judgement of the award judges. The SPÖ (Socialists) wants a major reform: that gay couples can marry and be allowed to adopt children. The ÖVP (People's Party- Christian Democrats- theoretically Catholic)  rejects this. They want to allow only stepchild-adoption. In the spring, a draft bill will be published.

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