Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SSPX Superior in France on possibility of new ex-communications

Reactions – Wird es neue Sanktionen geben?

The German text has been taken from a French text which appeared in the SSPX journal Fideliter, of which this is an English translation.

Before anything, Father de Cacqueray clarified in a press release today the context in which the piece was written.

The agency Apic used my editorial in Fideliter No. 208 in contrast to the interview of July 16 given by our Superior General .  (The SSPX Superior in France torpedoes all reconciliation with Rome)

Yet it is there more than a month since this text was written, three weeks since it was received by our subscribers and, from the date of 9 July, when it was published on the site Tradinews .

This text had no other purpose than to follow up the meeting of 13 June of Bishop Fellay with Cardinal Levada . During this interview, in fact, our Superior General had expressed to the former prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith our inability to submit new doctrinal requirements that he demanded. Therefore, one might ask whether  given this refusal, we would attract further sanctions. This is the specific context in which this editorial was written.

The interpretation by the news agency is therefore false. The final statement of our chapter, to be published soon, will give the doctrinal conclusions which were those of all the delegates,even if it displeases all the opinion formers.

Father Regis de Cacqueray , District Superior of the SSPX in France


The Fideliter editorial

The Rome of Benedict XVI loves us so much that if we reject their proposal, they threaten us with excommunication. It's a bit like a man who would be in love with a young woman, who would hesitate to marry him. He would say, putting a gun to her head: "Marry me within a month, or I'll kill you" What a beautiful love!

In this article Fr. de Cacqueray shows us who might be excommunicated . . . and the pride we must take in being excommunicated by these people without faith.

What will be the credibility of a verdict that conciliar Rome will perhaps soon give concerning the Society? Will they declare it to be schismatic or excommunicated again, or will they exonerate it from these epitaphs? Be that as it may, we do not need to attach an excessive importance to what ever conclusion may be brought. . . as the years go by in the life of the Society, sometimes there are threats and punishments imposed by the Vatican, sometimes there are great compliments and different promises, succeeded by outstretched hands. The most serious of the penalties of the Church were given to sanction the pertinacity of the Society to refuse the errors of the Council, the New Mass, the new Code of Canon Law, and the new religion. As for the promises that were made, their sole consideration always appeared to be to stop the criticism and silence the opposition to the same subjects.

Who deserves to be excommunicated?

One should understand, therefore, that this interminable retraction [palinody] ends by leaving us unmoved and discredits in our eyes those who so easily ply the carrot and stick ... To be excommunicated, and then "de-excommunicated," to be in danger yet again of being excommunicated--one ends up not being impressed much by all these twists and flip-flops. We have so many reasons to consider these unjust sentences null and void! They are discredited in our eyes. First, we are reminded of 1988! The distinguished service rendered by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre to the Holy Church by providing her with four excellent Catholic Bishops, through whom the transmission of the Catholic priesthood was fortified was rewarded by excommunication. On this occasion, we noted how, by a mystery of iniquity, the best servants of the Church were mistreated. We do not feel bitter, but we can deduce from all this that the penalty of excommunication no longer makes us tremble.

In this year of the sixth centenary of the birth of St. Joan of Arc, we remember, moreover, that in the history of the Church, there are numerous saints who were mistreated by Church tribunals. Is this also not the history of the Incarnate Word Himself? We are not blind. How is it, even today, that priests, bishops, cardinals—in large numbers—can teach real heresies, advocating a morality that is no longer Catholic, without ever being worried? Who would deserve to be excommunicated? Those trying to convey what the Church has always taught or those who pervert the deposit of revelation?

As for the Pope himself, he must bear in mind that we would have several well-founded reasons to doubt the merits of possible sanctions that he would take concerning us. Certainly, he has adopted a more measured and wise way of applying the Council than his predecessor, but he has nevertheless resolutely followed in his footsteps: interfaith gatherings, visiting mosques and synagogues, active participation in a Lutheran liturgical ceremony in Rome, praise given to Martin Luther, repetition of the scandal of Assisi, beatification of John Paul II, vespers celebrated in the presence of pseudo-Archbishop of Canterbury ...

Condemned for fidelity to the eternal Church!

If he has decided that our bishops or ourselves must be “re-excommunicated,” then we should ask ourselves: “But, ‘re-excommunicated’ by which Church?” By the Catholic Church or by that conciliar church which is a cancer? But this is clear: it is only the conciliar church who would perform this “re-excommunication” : “Cardinal Ratzinger is against infallibility; the Pope is against infallibility due to his philosophical training. Let this be clearly understood: we are not against the Pope as the representative of all the values, which are immutable, of the Apostolic See, the See of Peter. But [we are] against the Pope who is a Modernist, who does not believe in his infallibility, who practices ecumenism. Obviously, we are against the Conciliar Church which is schismatic in practice, even if they do not accept it. In practice, it is in essence an excommunicated church, because it is a modernist church. It is they who excommunicate us, while we want to remain Catholic.” (Lefebvre, Fideliter n.70 p.

That is why excommunication or a declaration of schism which would come from the conciliar church, a sect that has penetrated into the heart of the human part of the Holy Church, should not disturb us. We should rejoice if we were to be condemned for the crime of fidelity to the eternal Church!

Bishop Williamson's views receive support from a surprising quarter

Berühmter Sohn: SPD-Chef Sigmar Gabriel lässt kranken Vater allein | Politik & Wirtschaft - Berliner Kurier

Ahrensburg, just outside Hamburg. Here, in a neat retirement home, lives the 91-year-old Walter Gabriel. In his working life, he was an official in the county council administration of Bad Oldesloe. But only in the home, it is known that the old man in a wheelchair is the father of the SPD chairman - of the man who will perhaps become Chancellor of Germany in 2013. Visits from his famous son, however he never gets. Not even now, after the 52-year-old politician has become a father for the second time.

Human and ideologically the father and son are separated by worlds. Because Walter Gabriel is an unrepentant right-wing radical who has subscribed to the Nazi house magazine "„National-Zeitung“". "Yes, I read it. Why not? "He says to the COURIER. And once under way, he gets going properly. About the Holocaust: "I have great doubts it. And there are famous people, such as the (SSPX member - the editor) Bishop Williamson who deny all of this. They cannot all be wrong? "

"We live in a democratic dictatorship."

His son is the head of the largest opposition party, but Walter Gabriel does not that the Federal Republic is a democratic system: "We live in a democratic dictatorship. There are too many foreigners. We let them all in, no matter who they are. Especially those who then dip into our pockets. "

The estrangement from his son still seems to grieve him, "I have done nothing but good for the boy ... I would have been glad if he would come again. But, if he does not want to, I also do not want it anymore, "said Gabriel to the COURIER. In May 2005, they saw each other one last time, the gap that separates them is deep - and much older.

1962, Sigmar was three years old and his parents separated. Against his will, Sigmar remained with his father and was cared for by his grandmother. 1968 Sigmar was obliged to follow the father to the Hamburg area, although the mother had been awarded custody. The son suffered and never forgave his father.

"I am dying," complains Walter Gabriel who is suffering from a tumour in the head. But Sigmar Gabriel, who is a professed Lutheran, is apparently not thinking of a reconciliation. All questions about his father remain unanswered.

SSPX Superior in Eastern Europe denies saying there "would be no agreement with Rome”

Serwis internetowy Bractwa Św. Piusa X w Polsce

Dispatch on General Chapter of the Society

It is claimed on the Internet that on Sunday, July 15th, I purportedly said that there „would be no agreement with Rome”. In fact, I informed the faithful about the General Chapter, which concluded its meeting in the spirit of the utter unanimousness, and that I find this fact to be another miraculous act of Blessed Virgin Mary, who has lent a sympathetic ear to prayers of Her children, asking Her to protect Catholic Tradition. As for the contacts between the Holy See and our Society, I asked the fold to pray even more fervently for the Holy Father and that the number of prelates, who would wish for canonical recognition of the Society, which would not require any kind of trade-off on her part, would grow up. I also said that the current state of relations between FSSPX and Rome had been described by our Superior General in his sermon on June 29th, i.e. that we were back at status quo of September 14th, 2011, when the doctrinal preamble was set forth, which for the Society was absolutely impossible to accept. I also added that our Superior General was preparing reply to the proposition submitted by Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on June, 13th; in his reply he would also inform Roman authorities about conclusion reached during General Chapter’s meeting. In a couple of days the General House of FSSPX will issue a communiqué on this matter.

Fr. Karl Stehlin FSSPX

Forced conversion on the Gaza Strip alleged by Orthodox

M.O.: Chiesa ortodossa, a Gaza cristiani rapiti per convertirli a Islam -

In Gaza there are movements that try to convince young Christians to convert to Islam through threats: the Orthodox Church in the Palestinian territories denouncing them yesterday, called for a sit-in protest against the disappearance of Ramiz al-Amash, that the local Christian parish believes has been kidnapped by Islamic militants in order to convert the Muslim faith. The Palestinian Minister of Health, Hamas Bassem Naim, made ​​it clear in a statement that the young man al-Amash 'converted to Islam without any pressure and has participated in the ritual with his family without the presence of armed men, either before or after the ceremony' The allegations of the Orthodox Church, Naim said harshly,'are pure inventions, unfounded rumors that have no truth'. Such accusations lack credibility - he added - and risk opening a climate of tension in Palestine which is certainly not good for the region and for the people''.

Head of CDF calls for resignation of Germany's Human Rights Commissioner

"Ein Mann am falschen Platz" |

The chief guardian of Catholic beliefs, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, the Human Rights Commissioner of the Federal Government, Markus Loening (FDP), and spoke out sharply criticized indirectly for his resignation. Loening was "a man in the wrong place," the prefect of the doctrinal congregation said in an interview with DAPD and threw the FDP politician "crying misconduct" before.

The chief guardian of Catholic beliefs, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller has sharply criticised the Human Rights Commissioner of the Federal Government, Markus Loening (FDP) (Cathcon- no surprise from the FDP- German liberals, a pro-business party who have since their origins been anti-clerical) and has indirectly called for his resignation. Loening was "a man in the wrong place," said the Prefect of the doctrinal congregation in an interview with DAPD and accused the FDP politician "screaming misconduct"

Loening had spread from his Facebook page the phrase "too stupid to understand science - Try religion". He then reported to have said, among other things, he wanted to test the tolerance of people of faith, according to media reports.

Müller spoke of a "total contradiction". A human rights officer violates human dignity of believers and wanted to justify it saying that "he will now test anyone who was offended." Even the Lutheran Bishop of Berlin Markus Dröge had accused the FDP politician of devaluing religious thought. Loening has deleted the record now.