Thursday, May 10, 2012

Iran issues death-fatwa against German rapper


His anti-Islamic texts make the Cologne rapper Najafi the target of radical Muslims. Celebrated during his youth in Tehran as "Iran's Eminem" , the Grand Ayatollah Safi Golpajegani wants him silenced. He has called on his followers to "send to Najafi to hell".  

Screenshot of the website by Shahin Najafi

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Screenshot of the website by Shahin Najafi

Najafi is a 31 year old rapper who lives in Cologne. Seven years ago, he left his native Iran. Shahin Najafi is a political rapper, a provocateur. His latest song is about nose surgery, silicone breasts and bondage, and - as he says- also faith. With verve Najafi in the song "Imam Naghi"makes fun of the tenth of the twelve Imams, who are revered by Shiite Muslims.

In the opinion of the Grand Ayatollah Ali Safi Golpayegani this went too far. The 92-year-old cleric declared that anyone who insulted the Iman was a blasphemer. The news agency Fars reported that the Grand Ayatollah had interpreted the song about Imam Naghi as blasphemy and therefore declared Najafi worthy of death. This apparent death decree calls on all those Muslims, who feel bound by the spiritual authority of the now 92-year-old grand ayatollah, to kill the rapper.

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