Saturday, April 07, 2012

Vatican Letter to Austrian Bishops demands action on disobedient priests.

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KATH.NET exclusive: letter from Rome to the Austrian bishops about Parish Priest Initiative - bishops are asked to do something about the Parish Priest Initiative - Cardinal Schönborn has now demanded again a "clarification" The Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has again made a statement on Friday about the Parish Priest Initiative and required a retraction of the "incitement to disobedience".

On Maundy Thursday last, Pope Benedict XVI clearly rejected the Initiative and made critical comments. KATH.NET has learnt that Schönborn was not informed beforehand about the sermon of the Pope, even though it made direct reference to Austria.

In an interview with ORF Schönborn said on Friday that the Pope was "well informed". "In a very subtle way, he first said he understands the concerns that the church was not doing enough in today's world. He then stated quite clearly that there are some points in this Parish Priest Initiative, which are in “their Call to Disobedience” which cannot be held up as matters fir devare.

He cited the clear decision of Pope John Paul II and the clear teaching decision regarding the possible ordination of women, in which he said that the church has not the authority to change something which comes from Jesus according to the cardinal.

Schönborn now wants a clarification. "There must be a clarification here about the ”Call for Disobedience”. We bishops have said this from the beginning, the word 'disobedience' cannot be allowed to stand. I think we need a clarification, a public statement and I think we need to address this matter soon. " has come to understand that in recent weeks, there were definitely in the background even more efforts from the Vatican than has been publicly known. The Austrian bishops have been asked in a controversial letter from Rome to do something about the Parish Priest Initiative, which KATH.NET has learnt from a variety of well-informed sources.

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