Thursday, July 08, 2010

Investigating judge to be removed from Belgian child abuse case?

Le parquet général "étudie" le cas du juge De Troy

"A judge shall examine the records with a view to the possible launch of a procedure to remove the investigating judge Wim De Troy, in charge of the case of alleged child abuse within the Church," Advocate General Roland De Bruyne, spokesman for the prosecutor's office in Brussels said Thursday at the beginning of afternoon .

The prosecution did not want to do more reviews, but insisted "no decision has yet been taken on the launch of proceedings before the Chamber of Indictments in Brussels" , recalling that the dossier was "still under consideration.

Het Laaste Nieuws, in its Thursday edition, reports, internal judicial sources as saying that the Prosecutor General will launch early next week the procedure for removing a judge from the case. According to these same sources, the prosecutors would review already established vacation schedules to see who can act as advisers to the court of appeal next week as well as their philosophical outlook (Cathcon- think this is a reference to the idea that Wim de Troy maybe a freemason and this is motivating his attitudes- specifically the opening of the tombs of dead Cardinal Archbishops. The freemasons/ freethinkers organise a champagne reception every Sunday in Mechelen/ Malines just by the Cathedral to coincide with the principal Mass. Belgian is the one country which has a university which boasts being founded by the Lodge- as in England over-represented in the police and judiciary)

The Brussels public prosecutor confirmed Thursday morning that it had opened an investigation into violation of professional secrecy in the case of alleged child abuse within the Church, following leaks to the press since the raids on 24 June on the Episcopal residence of the Diocese of Mechelen-Brussels.
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