Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hullermann, the Munich priest, now suspended, pictured during his ministry

The post-Vatican II Church broke down barriers.... between paedophiles and children

The Parish of Garching says goodbye to their Parish Priest

He preached at his final Mass in dogerell verse and rejoiced in being a priest "who could be touched". At the reception afterwards,

"For more than 300 altar boys in the parish community Florian Welter confirmed that Hullermann had succeeded in creating a young church and his love for the liturgy will be sustained to the young generation . Welter said goodbye to Hullermann  as a pastor, man and friend. An altar delegation handed over a plaque with photos and signatures of all Garching's servers."

He subsequently returned for the celebrations of the Parish's Fiftieth Anniversary in 2008 or 9- on the left in both cases. 

But still in 2009, despite having been appointed a Tourism Chaplain (this newsletter describes the work including a Children's Mass in the mountains- he gives a talk about being married to the Church!) and been told to stay away from children, he was presiding at a Youth Mass in Bad Toelz.

Part of the parish team- fourth from the left standing.

Pictures of the Youth Mass- Happy Hour with God's Power.  Hullermann at far left in first picture which is a detail of the second. 

A newsletter reported, "Many will remember this Mass for a long time"- and says that he celebrated the Mass again- implying that he had done so at least once before.

Little wonder on Sunday in Bad Tölz, there were disturbances at the Sunday Mass.

Hullermann was due to speak at a Tourism Conference last Friday- somehow suspect he did not make the appointment.

As the Archdiocese suspended him yesterday - the competent administrative and technical supervisor of Hullermann, Monsignor Josef Obermaier resigned as well. "As head of the Pastoral Care Unit of the Archdiocese, he assumes the responsibility for serious errors in the operation of his supervision." Obermaier offered his resignation to Archbishop Reinhard Marx on Monday afternoon, which was accepted the latter.

Hullermann has been suspended for violating the conditions

The Archdiocese has now appointed an independent investigator to go through all the personnel files of the Archdiocese.

And the Bavarian Justice Ministry has set up a forum which will meet after Easter "to combat violent and sexual crimes in educational institutions in Bavaria. Alongside the Justice, Social, Culture and Environment Ministries, the Catholic and Lutheran churches, other educational and youth institutions, victims' associations and experts will participate. All agencies involved in anti-abuse work should have the opportunity to contribute with their experience and their expertise."

Map showing the extent of the scandal across Germany.

In 1937, Goebbels started a campaign in Germany against the Catholic Church alleging sexual abuse of children- not aware of one case being proven.   But after the Council, it is a rather different matter.
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