Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Glorious Dominican Church now a library


The architects are proud of their handywork.


Dan said...

Aside from the sad news in itself, I'm glad it didn't turn out a disco, or a porn place. At this rate, this is far more decent end for a church than other sadder examples.

CDNowak said...

Heartily agree with Dan. There is a certain fittingness to it as well, something that would be lacking if it were a Franciscan Church.

Fr PF said...

When I visited Munstergeleen earlier this year, I went to see this church with a priest of the diocese who explained to me that it was secularised during the French occupation (after the expulsion of the Dominicans) over two hundred years ago and turned into a warehouse; it has not been used as a church since 1805.