Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The reasons why the Catholic Church no longer has any influence on European society

Paul Gourdinne,a candidate in Brussels elections wrote this year (on right)- he mentions two other candidates of the team of candidates above.

To all that tell me that they won’t vote cdH because it does not defend Christian values, I must say that we are not a party that uses religion but one that does not make politics against religion. The cdH is a humanist not an integrist party. Clotilde Nyssens has well defended human values and all that are other, as well as the Other (he means God!). You must also know that Catherine Roba has worked well to give to young people of our Europe and especially the children of European functionaries in Brussels her faith, in an ecumenical spirit and with a tolerance for all. The Vatican has given her the Order of St Sylvester. The cdH is a party for all, including Christians.

The cdH were originally called Christian Democrats, but rechristened themselves the Centre Démocrate Humaniste. They are part of the problem and not part of the solution.   But they are only too happy to take the votes of those who still think the cd in their name stands for Christian Democracy.
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