Thursday, August 06, 2009

Pedro Almodovar criticises the Catholic Church


The Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar has accused the Catholic Church of having an outdated notion of the family.

"It is completely insane not to recognise the way that many millions of people live today," said the 59 - year-old to the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit", according to a report on Wednesday.

"Why doesn’t the Pope take a walk outside the Vatican and looks at what is a family means today?"

The families in his movies are more real than the "Catholic version" of the family. "For more than twenty years, I have made films in which a family is a group of people, at whose centre is the small reality of looking after the other," said Almodovar. It was, "no matter whether the group is made up of separated from parents, transvestites, transsexuals or nuns suffering from AIDS there." Almodóvar's new film "Broken Embraces" with Penélope Cruz in the main role is premiered this week in German cinemas.
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