Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mood of depression hangs over Linz diocesan functionaries (and Josef Ertl!)

(Katzenjammer- means also a chorus of cats wailing or hangover!)

President of Catholic Action speaks after the Kaineder sacking about certain internet sites and direct intervention from the Vatican - Josef Ertl: Now we know who governs the Diocese of Linz: the Catholic fundamentalists grouped around

In the Diocese of Linz, a chorus of whining cats can be heard from some diocesan officials after the sacking of controversial diocesan spokesman Ferdinand Kaineder.

Margit Hauft, President of Catholic Action Upper Austria believes the Diocese of Linz to be currently in "a worrying situation" and says: "It is no secret that Bishop Ludwig Schwarz is very much under pressure from ultra conservative groups," said Hauft. Thus, for example on some internet sites and through direct intervention by the Vatican the removal of the head of the diocesan communications offices have been requested over a long period of time. She also asserted that "a commitment to preaching and vibrant parishes" was a special merit of Ferdinand Kaineder and that he " always acted as a spokesman of the whole diocese and not individual groups seen" did. Moreover, he had stood "fully loyal" to the Bishop.

Can sit up and Gabriele Eder-Cakl, the new diocesan spokeswoman. She spoke in a first statement about a "difficult time" and told the media that she was "very disappointed" because the decision to dismiss Kaineder was made on the basis of "denunciation".

Josef Ertl, the former editor in chief of the Upper Austria-Rundschau, says on his weblog that he is disappointed: "Now we know who governs the Diocese of Linz: the Catholic fundamentalists grouped around They have achieved their goal. Ferdinand Kaineder, the diocesan spokesman, whose head they have demanded, must go. Thus, Bishop Ludwig Schwarz has taken a further decision, which lead the Diocese away from a contemporary proclamation of faith towards a traditionalist, backward looking course.

Cathcon: Margit Hauft is also putting her own position in danger by not stating publicly her fidelity to Catholic teaching on the ordination of women. She wants the office but is not prepared to carry the obligations that go with it, as witnessed by a recent interview. A string of emails from Cathcon to her office have brought no response. A yes or no would have done.

As for Kaineder successor, she was a contributor to this ghastly and vacuous book, so lacking in content it went straight in the circular filing cabinet in the corner of the room, which is emptied every day. If the Bishop of Linz thinks he is going to save his skin by throwing one liberal off the merry-go-round to put another on it, he must have another think coming. She is yet another member of that pseud0-clerical elite that have brought the Diocese to its knees.
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