Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Radical Catholic group proposes new Good Friday prayers

pax christi - Kurzmeldung

Clear sign of opposition to the renewed Good Friday bidding prayers

As a clear sign of opposition to the renewed Good Friday bidding prayers Pax Christi recommends that Catholic communities use "Text in Remembrance of the Jews" in the framing of their Way of the Cross in Holy Week.

Speaker: Let us also remember the Jews towards whom our churches and our German people have become guilty, so that the hoped for reconciliation between them and us can only appear as a miracle. From their people our Lord Jesus Christ was born and in their faith tradition, he grew up. To them God has spoken and His first promises apply to them even today and forever.

Priest: Almighty eternal God, you have given your promises to Abraham and his descendants. Let us understand as human beings, how this nation remind of the great figures of the biblical tradition,: like Moses, they have presented to the world the example of the Ten Commandments, like Jacob with the angel and like Job, they struggled with you, like the suffering servant of God, they have taken all violence on themselves. So let it be that your testimony is cherished. And let the wounds that you suffered heal so that we together with them can obtain the fullness of salvation. We ask this through Christ our Lord. The Good Friday prayers is removed

Ansgar Ahlbrecht OSB: On Good Friday "remember the Jews " rather than pray for them.
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