Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unfaithful priest summoned to meet Bishop of Linz

Zölibat: Pfarrer Friedl droht Amtsenthebung |

The pastor of Ungenach Josef Friedl (district of Vöcklabruck) is threatened , at worst, with loosing office after his public confession that he lives with a woman. He has been called to a discussion about his celibacy adverse behaviour with Bishop Ludwig Schwarz in Linz. The Bishop is however, until Thursday at the Spring Assembly of the Bishops in Innsbruck.

The end result could be the pastor, who made a name in the case of Arigona Zogaj, has to decide between his long-standing relationship and his priesthood. Friedl calls for temporary celibacy, so that in his view, the priest shortage could be effectively dealt. "Even in the monastery, you only finally professes take perpetual vows after a certain time period," said the clergyman. Should the candidate for the priesthood see that the chaste life means nothing to him, he could after certain period of time resign from his vocation.

Friedl has "no fear"

Pastor Josef Friedl has "no fear" of a possible dismissal after his public confession, of living with a woman. He had heard nothing in this direction but there will certainly be a talk with Bishop Ludwig Schwarz, he confirmed on Tuesday to the Austrian Press Agency.

"A dialogue will certainly be necessary," said Friedl. He did not reflect on the matter, he will take the matter as it comes. An appointment had not yet been made, said the clergyman.

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