Thursday, March 26, 2009

RTBF interviews Head of SSPX in Belgium

RTBF-Radio à la demande

22 March 2009. Sorry in French. Long introduction critical of Pope's position on contraception- followed by a report about a holocaust denying Belgian Muslim who is being taking to court- a report about an attack on a synagogue. Elections in Indonesia where secularist and Muslim parties are fighting it out in elections. Then comes Abbé Benoît Wailliez FSSPX!

with others such as Abbé Alphonse Boras, Vicar General Liege and Canon Lawyer, Christian Devischer, Professor at Louvain, Isabelle de Gaumann (spelling), La Croix and another woman whose name I have to check from the secular Free University of Brussels.

Will provide more notes of the content shortly.
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