Saturday, March 07, 2009

Leading Abbot participates in anti-Rome demo


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The Abbot of Einsiedeln takes part in a rally against Rome as a "representative of the Episcopal Conference - Young Catholics from Switzerland to organize a " counter-event "and invite you to pray for the Pope Prayer.

Abbot Martin Werlen of Einsiedeln participated on Sunday in the anti- Rome demo of the Swiss We are Church group to The rally named “Acting instead of leaving"" which is also supported by theologian Hans Küng, opposes the "current Vatican policy." It requires "full scope for human rights within the Church", "participation of all church members at all levels of church" , "equality of women in all spheres" and "diversity of opinion and dialogue within the Church." According to the organizers Abbot Werlen is at the rally expressly "as a representative of the Bishops' Conference" and will be there to take up the concerns of those present.

Young Catholics from Switzerland have organized next Sunday a "counter-event". From 14:00 to 16:00 clock, prayers for the Pope and the Church of St. Peter Church in Lucerne organized. "We want to show that the Catholic youth stand by the Pope and we pray for him, that also young people are prayerful." a press release release stated.

Cathcon: bet the Abbot refuses to meet anyone from the SSPX in his busy schedule.

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