Monday, March 02, 2009

Episcopal finery and bathrobes at the German Bishops' Conference


At the top of the Gallery the men of the Episcopal Conference meet hotel guests in bathrobes on the way to the sauna. From time to time, a wellness fan looks over the parapet and looks puzzled at the press conference below. Normally, meetings of the Bishops are held in Catholic institutions. In Protestant Hamburg, there is no Catholic meeting place which would have been large enough.

Cathcon- So they book into 5 star luxury at the Grand Elysee! - Hamburg is not the only town in Germany! - also seems not to be true- the Dominicans appear large enough as do these Benedictines). Although their chapel looks more like a sauna than anything else-could make the bishops feel at home.

The article continues

But as Archbishop Zollitsch said: "The Catholic Church wants to meet people where they are."

Cathcon-Well better get down to the swimming pool. Only the American Bishops Conference treats themselves better- booking the Hyatt.

Post-conciliar ecclesiastical decadence!

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