Saturday, March 14, 2009

Churches to close under "Vibrant Parish Plan".

The Chronicle-Telegram - Lorain County's leading news source:

Local priests arriving for church today will be visited by a courier with an important message to convey.

That message will contain the future of local churches, and for some it will mean the end is near.
After months of consideration, Bishop Richard Lennon will be telling the priests which longstanding churches within the Cleveland Catholic Diocese will close under the diocese’s Vibrant Parish Plan. The announcement will be detailed in a letter sent to local priests today with the assumption that the priests will share the message with their congregations this weekend.

George Orwell's Politics and the English language on the use of euphemisms.


Father G said...

ah yes...I remember now...the wonderful Springtime of Vatican II...:(

Nobody's Wife said...

"Vibrant"....Thanks for the heads up. I have already learned that "enhance" usually involves demolition.