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Auschwitz Survivor visits SSPX school

Reactions – Huch! Ein ehemaliger Auschwitzhäftling in einer Pius-Schule

Because in the contemporary German Holocaust hysteria is about the defamation of those who think differently, and not about the dead, the victims and humankind,what the SSPX really think on this issue also plays no role.

At the end of the 2008 school year, the eighth class of the Sacred Heart School in Saarbrücken with their class teacher, Headmaster Harald Messmer visited an exhibition about Alex Deutsch in the school named after him in Neunkirchen Wellesweiler.

Neunkirchen in Saarland is a provincial town with almost 50,000 inhabitants - about twenty kilometers northeast of the state capital of Saarbrücken.

Deutsch born in Berlin in 1913 survived the Nazi extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Saarbrücken is operated by the SSPX.

Already in June 2005 Deutsch- then 91 years old - was a guest of the Sacred Heart School. All students of classes from the 5th to 10th year listened to his speech in the dining room.

Deutsch grew up with eight siblings in Berlin. One part of his childhood was spent with his youngest brother in a Jewish orphanage.

Deutsch’s father was killed in the first World War serving as a soldier.
After school Deutsch trained as a baker. He was no longer allowed to exercise this profession after 1935. He was a forced labourer for a coal company.

During this time he married and became father of a son.

In 1943, the young family was arrested and transported in a three day journey in a freight wagon to Auschwitz.

Some of the prisoners already died on the journey. Deutsch’s wife and his son were immediately gassed upon arrival.

Deutsch learned of it only later, as he was on a subsequent transport to Auschwitz. As a man capable of work, he was separated for forced labour.

At Auschwitz-Birkenau, Deutsch was branded with the number "105 613". In the German extermination camps, Deutsch was also treated as a number.

Many of his family members were murdered in concentration camps. Some still had the time to flee to America.

He was in the extermination camp for two years and suffered much at the hands of the warders.
He survived because a foreman forbade supervisors to beat prisoners during work.

In January 1945, the still working but weakened prisoners evacuated before the Russians arrived and sent on a death march towards the West which not many survived.

For example, Deutsch went to Buchenwald and then to another concentration camp.

Because of the Allied bombing, the SS fled in early April 1945 from the concentration camps. A few days later, Deutsch was rescused by the Americans.

For fear of the murderous Red Army of the Soviets, Deutsch did not stay in Berlin.
So he came to Paris, where he happened to meet one of his brothers.

Deutsch opted to emigrate to his relatives to the United States. In 1946, he flew to the new continent. He married a second time and opened a grocery in the US State of Louisiana.

Due to violent attacks and life in the city of St. Louis, he gave his business up early in the 1970s.
After the death of his second wife, he returned in 1978 to Germany.

There he married his third wife Doris, the widow of his former comrade Karl Loeb.

He settled in Wiebelkirchen - a district of Neunkirchen. Even in extreme old age, he continues to talk about the persecution of Jews by the Nazis.

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