Friday, February 27, 2009

EU consider sanctions against Bishop Williamson

Reactions - Heimkehr des Holocaust-Leugners: EU prüft Sanktionen gegen Williamson - Europa

The half-apology for his denial of the mass murder of Jews could be of little use to the Bishop. Upon his return home to Britain the EU's Justice Ministers are considering legal action Williamson. Also, the German Minister of Justice wants “to deal with him". The Holocaust denier Richard Williamson following his return to Europe can expect to be prosecution. The European Framework Decision on action to combat Racism and Xenophobia could offer a tool against the priest of the Catholic SSPX, said the EU Presidency spokesman, Czech Justice Minister Jiri Pospisil in prior discussions with his counterparts on Friday in Brussels. "Personally I think it's possible, but it must be discussed," said Pospisil.

The crucial question is whether, as racism and xenophobia were criminalised under national law added Pospisil. The Williamson case is not yet on the agenda of the Council of Ministers: "We could think about it more in the future." Even Federal Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries advocated action against the priest, who publicly denied the destruction of millions of Jews in gas chambers by the Nazis: "In any case, he has arrived in the EU," said Zypries. The Regensburg Prosecutor is already investigating Williamson after his statements made in a TV interview in the Bavarian town of Zaitzkofen. An arrest warrant or extradition request against the bishop has not yet been issued.

Williamson on Wednesday returned from Argentina to his home in Britain. He apologized to the Pontifical Commission responsible for traditionalists for his remarks: "I'm sorry, these statements are to have made." The content of his allegations however the SSPX member would not take back. The case has attracted worldwide attention, because Pope Benedict XVI has lifted the exclusion of the priests from the Catholic Church. Williamson refused to comply with the call of the pope to retracts his statements.
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