Friday, February 27, 2009

Bishop of Linz summoned to Rome

at short notice

Coadjutor or apostolic visitation on the way? According to the article more Austrian bishops are supporting the idea of a visitation.

Main Vienna newspaper says that The Diocese of Linz is not at peace.

According to the news service Bishop Ludwig Schwarz was called to Rome to give his position on the case of Fr Wagner. Wagner, whose resignation letter has now arrived in the Congregation of Bishops, has declared that only under pressure did he withdraw from the office of the Bishop of Linz. According to Pope Benedict XVI now has the case in primary focus and will personally take care of the matter.

According to in the Vatican, there are increasing calls for a visitation and a visit of inspection for the Diocese . Supposedly also several Austrian bishops, leveling behind the scenes criticisms of Bishop Schwarz for his Causa Wagner practice, call for a papal visitation in Linz. Such visitations are rare. The best known in recent times was in the seminary of St. Pölten in 2004.

In Rome, supposedly also the possibility of a Coadjutor Bishop for Bishop Schwarz is not excluded. The Coadjutor has, in contrast to the Bishop, special powers and has the right to be the bishop's successor.
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