Thursday, January 15, 2009

Did Vatican II demand "Hang up your altars"?


This did not stop the liturgical vandals who arrived in 1974 removing the sanctuary from the Church of St Oswald in Stralsbach and replacing it with a modern "space".   Shame- this Church is a rarity in Germany- dedicated to an English saint.

A close-up below of the new altar.
The old altar, they just hung up on a wall.
Another tabernacle has been placed in the baptistery.
But get a closer look at the tabernacle- in fact, also a leftover from a series of Dr Who.  Lest you think Cathcon is joking.

Compare the latest Cathcon pictures of Guy "Lets Exterminate the Vatican" Gilbert with one of the all time great Dr Whos, Tom Baker. Mr Baker was a novice monk from the age of 15- pray for him as he lost the faith at 21, but he is not the only one. The temptations of a career on TV and wearing outrageous scarves are just too great. Especially for that generation- Guy Gilbert, born 1935 and Tom Baker in 1934.
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