Friday, February 29, 2008

The Shame of the Diocese of Buffalo

St Ann Church and Shrine, for the lack of one priest to be turned into a religious arts museum. So much effort, when the solution is so simple.


Anonymous said...

I beg you reconsider- this is not the shame of the Diocese of Buffalo. This is the tragedy and sorrow of the Diocese. Rather, and I'm afraid that far too many people have hesitated to say this, this is the unforgivable and eternal shame of the Bishop, Edward Kmiec. It is widely known that Archbishop Mansell, Kmiec's immediate predecessor, was opposed to Church closings and fought them and felt great remorse when he was forced to do the same. Kmiec has wholeheartedly embraced this policy and is closing churches on such a quick and widespread scale it is truly disgusting. While he brands this the "Journey in Faith and Grace," in reality, it is an exercise in weakness and cowardice. With all the respect due his sacred office, he should be removed or worse. As a native of the Buffalo Diocese, I can tell you that Church in Buffalo is one of strongest and most faithful. You will be hard pressed to find a greater concentration of more beautiful and architecturally significant sanctuaries anywhere in this country. Sadly, instead of performing their function for the greater glory of God, they will now be left to rot, be profaned, and will be replaced by cheap, insubstantial structures that are not worthy of being called Churches and are totally devoid of any spiritual or architectural value. The priest shortage is something affecting the Church as a whole, and while Buffalo is an economically depressed town with a shrinking population, that is a weak justification for such a shameful policy. If Holy Mother Church can survive the dark ages and persecution throughout the world, surely any problems Buffalo has are nothing that cannot be overcome. Perhaps the Bishop should reexamine his options.

Unknown said...

So what is the solution?