Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cardinal Kasper expects an end soon to the dispute over the Good Friday Prayers


Cathcon translation of
Kasper erwartet bald Ende des Streits um Karfreitagsfürbitte

In the dispute over the Catholic Good Friday intercession, Curial Cardinal Walter Kasper expects a conciliatory solution. He is in contact with leading Jewish representatives , Kasper said on Tuesday. In the coming days, he will talk about the process with the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, who moreover, wished to meet with Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone . There will then be a statement. Then the process should be settled, said Kasper.

In early February, Pope published a new version of the intercession for the Jews in the Good Friday liturgy in the extraordinary Latin rite which generated fierce opposition from Jewish representatives. It says that the Jews should recognise Jesus Christ as saviour of all people . Critics feared a retrograde step in Catholic-Jewish dialogue. The Curial cardinal spoke at the presentation in the Vatican of a commemorative book for his 75th Birthday .

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Land of the Irish said...

Then the process should be settled, said Kasper.

"Process" sound ominous.