Wednesday, December 05, 2007

In Germany, when the Pope wishes something

A priest spends valuable time organising a seminar against his direct wishes.

Frosty climate for the Latin Mass at one of the leading pilgrimage places in Germany.

"Following the publication of the Motu proprio 'Summorum Pontificum', the town’s priest of Altötting organized a speech against the old Mass. But the shot was returned

Shortly after publication of the papal Motu Proprio to free the old Mass, the Monastery Provost and Town Pastor of Altötting, Revd Guenther Mandl (58), sent out invitations to a lecture (seen here with friends).

The head of the Pastoral Office of the Diocese of Passau, Cathedral Canon, Michael Baer, was to speak about the old Mass..

The speech attracted about fifty persons.

The Canon laid out on an overhead that the Holy Mass in the "extraordinary rite" could not be celebrated in a parish and that the Mass of Paul VI remained , of course, the proper form.

Subsequently, Mandl, the town’s priest said that since the publication of 'Summorum Pontificum', he had not received a single request.

There is also in his parish has no corresponding demand.

After this lecture heard a group of believers were left in no doubt as to what the feelings of the town priest actually were.

There are about fifty people from Altötting who attend the annual pilgrimage events of the organization 'Pro Ecclesia Sancta'.

Forty of them have in the meantime, signed a request for the old Mass.

They are now curious to see how Father Mandl will react.

The clergyman, in the daily newspaper Passauer Neue Presse , 'announced that he was read to make available the Seven Sorrows Chapel - or the chapel located in the cemetery of St Michael's Church.

Both houses of God are very cold in winter and are inaccessible for the elderly or handicapped."
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