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Want to catalogue a theology library?

Here is how, according to the once Catholic University of Louvain/ Leuven in Belgium.
I Generalia
1 Repertoria Bibliographia

2 Introductio in theologiam

3 Historia theologiae et theologorum
a Aetas patristica
b Aetas scholastica
c Aetas moderna
d Aetas coaeva
e In memoriam
f Quaestiones hodiernae

II Historia Religionum
1 Variae religiones
a Generalia
b Religiones primitivae
c Religiones Antiqui Orientis
d Religiones Semiticae
e Religiones Indo-Europeanae
f Religiones Extremi Orientis Varia

2 Gnostica

3 Religiones comparatae

III Scriptura Sacra Veteris Testamenti
1 Introductoria
a Generalia
b Methodus et historia exegeseos
c Textus et versiones
d Subsidia linguistica
e Subsidia chronologica, geographica, archeologica
f Historia populi israelitici

2 Libri Veteris Testamenti
a Pentateuchus
b Libri historici
c Libri prophetici
d Liber Psalmorum
e Libri Poetici
f Libri sapientales

3 Theologia Veteris Testamenti
a Generalia
b Theodicaea
c Cosmologia Angelologia Anthropologia
d Soteriologia collectiva Messianismus Eschatologia
e Soteriologia et eschatologia individuates
f Populus electus Pactum electiones Institutions profanae
g Reiigio et cultus
h Ethica

4 Iudaismus
a Generalia
b Iudaismus antiquior
c Qumran
d Rabbinica
e Iudaismus mediaevalis et modernus
f Iudaismus et christianismus

IV Scriptura Sacra Novi Testamenti
1 Introductoria
a Generalia
b Methodus et historia exegeseos
c Textus et versiones
d Graecitas biblica
e Aevum Novi Testamenti

2 Theologia Novi Testamenti
a Generalia
b De Christo De Resurrectione
c De Ecclesia
d Varia

3 Libri Novi Testamenti
a Evangelia

1 Jesus et Evangelia

2 Matthaeus

3 Marcus

4 Lucas

5 Johannes
b Acta Apostolorum
c Corpus Paulinum

Paulus, Rom , I-II Cor , Gal , Eph , Philip , Col , Philemon, I-II Thess , I-II Tim , Tit , Hebr
d Epistolae Catholicae
e Apocalypsis

4 Scripti primigenia
a Patres apostolici
b Libri apocryphi Novi Testamenti et Judeo-christianismus

V Theologia Fundamentalis
1 Generalia

2 De religione

3 De revelatione et christianismo

4 De dogmate et fidei formulis

5 De locis theologicis

6 De Ecclesia

7 De oecumenismo

8 De christianis separatis

VI Theologia Dogmatica Specialis
1 Generalia

2 De Deo uno et trino
a De Dei existentia et attributis
b De Trinitate

3 De Deo creante et elevante

4 De Verbo Incarnato
a De persona Christi
b De Christo Redemptore
c De B Maria Virgine

5 De gratia et justificatione

6 De novissimis

VII Theologia Sacramentorum
1 Generalia

2 De baptismo

3 De confirmatione

4 De eucharistia

5 De poenitentia ,

6 De extrema unctione

7 De ordine

8 De matrimonio

9 De sacramentabilibus

VIII Theologia Ascetico-Mystica
1 De spiritualitate in genere

2 De statibus vitae

3 De vita mystica

4 De auctoribus et scholis spiritualibus

IX Theologia Moralis
1 Generalia
a Introductoria
b Historica
c Manualia
d Varia

2 Theologia moralis fundamentals
a De fine ultimo hominis
b De essentia moralitatis
c De actibus humanis
d De legibus
e De conscientia
f De virtutibus
g De vitiis et peccatis

3 De virtutibus theologicis
a De fide
b De spe
c De caritate

4 De virtutibus moralibus
a De prudentia
b De justitia
c De fortitudine
d De temperantia

5 Theologia politica

6 Theologia socialis

7 Theologia pastoralis

X Jus Canonicum
1 Generalia

2 Philosophia juris

3 Fontes et scriptores juris superioris

4 Fontes juris hodierni

5 Disceptationes speciales juxta ordinem Codicis juris canonici

6 De habitudine ecclesiae ad civitatem

7 De jure Ecclesiarum Orientalium

8 De jure Ecclesiarum non-catholicarum

Index foliorum periodicorum
Index alphabeticus elenchi bibliographici

Same old story

decision really taken prior rather than post-consultation.

"Talk of parish reorganization in Chatham still makes many members of St. Agnes uneasy about the future of the church.

St. Agnes was recommended to close before a new restructuring process began and many fear it will still be the one closed. "

St Agnes pray for the Church
, of which you are the heavenly patron.

And the Rhine flowed into the Tiber


Graph showing that the catastrophic decline in the German Church started well-before the Council and that the Council had almost zero effect on Church attendance. It just kept on plumeting at the same rate.

This is in marked contrast to almost every other Catholic country where the figures went up right until the Council, peaked in the mid-60s and then went into steady freefall.

Seems that not for the first time in history, the Germans were exporting something that the rest of the world had to suffer for.

The classic history of the influence of German theologians, Joseph Ratzinger among them, at the Council.

Ironically, God-willing, it is a German Pope who will provide the antidote. He carries the solution deep in his soul.

Hail the Bread of Angels


LAUDA Sion Salvatorem,
lauda ducem et pastorem,
in hymnis et canticis.
Quantum potes, tantum aude:
quia maior omni laude,
nec laudare sufficis.

ZION, to ThySavior sing,
to Thy Shepherd and Thy King!
Let the air with praises ring!
All thou canst, proclaim with mirth,
far higher is His worth
than the glory words may wing.

Laudis thema specialis,
panis vivus et vitalis hodie proponitur.
Quem in sacrae mensa cenae,
turbae fratrum
duodenae datum non ambigitur.

Lo! before our eyes and living
is the Sacred Bread life-giving,
theme of canticle and hymn.
We profess this Bread from heaven
to the Twelve by Christ was given,
for our faith rest firm in Him.

Sit laus plena, sit sonora,sit iucunda,
sit decoramentis iubilatio.
Dies enim solemnis agitur,
in qua mensae
prima recolitur huius institutio.

Let us form a joyful chorus,
may our lauds ascend sonorous,
bursting from each loving breast.
For we solemnly record how
the Table of the Lord
with the Lamb's own gift was blest.

In hac mensa novi Regis,
novum Pascha novae legis,
phase vetus terminat.
Vetustatem novitas,
umbram fugat veritas,
noctem lux eliminat.
On this altar of the King
this new Paschal Offering
brings an end to ancient rite.
Shadows flee that truth may stay,
oldness to the new gives way,
and the night's darkness to the light.

Quod in coena Christus gessit,
faciendum hoc expressitin sui memoriam.
Docti sacris institutis,
panem, vinum in salutis
consecramus hostiam.

What at Supper Christ completed
He ordained to be repeated,
in His memory Divine.
Wherefore now, with adoration,
we, the Host of our salvation,
consecrate from bread and wine.

Dogma datur christianis,
quod in carnem transit panis,
et vinum in sanguinem.
Quod non capis, quod non vides,
animosa firmat fides,
praeter rerum ordinem.

Words a nature's course derange,
that in Flesh the bread may change
and the wine in Christ's own Blood.
Does it pass thy comprehending?
Faith, the law of light transcending,
leaps to things not understood.

Sub diversis speciebus,
signis tantum, et non rebus,
latent res eximiae.
Caro cibus, sanguis potus:
manet tamen Christus
totus sub utraque specie.
Here beneath these signs
are hidden priceless things,
to sense forbidden;
signs, not things, are all we see.
Flesh from bread, and Blood from wine,
yet is Christ in either sign,
all entire confessed to be.

A sumente non concisus,
non confractus,
non divisus:
integer accipitur.
Sumit unus, sumunt mille:
quantum isti,
tantum ille:nec sumptus consumitur.

And whoe'er of Him partakes,
severs not, nor rends, nor breaks:
all entire, their Lord receive.
Whether one or thousand eat,
all receive the selfsame meat,
nor do less for others leave.

Sumunt boni,
sumunt mali:
sorte tamen inaequali,
vitae vel interitus.
Mors est malis,
vita bonis:vide paris sumptionis
quam sit dispar exitus.

Both the wicked and the good
eat of this celestial Food:
but with ends how opposite!
With this most substantial Bread,
unto life or death they're fed,
in a difference infinite.

Fracto demum sacramento,
ne vacilles,
sed memento tantum esse sub fragmento,
quantum toto tegitur.
Nulla rei fit scissura:signi tantum fit fractura,
qua nec status,
nec staturasignati minuitur.

Nor a single doubt retain,
when they break the Host in twain,
but that in each part remain
what was in the whole before;
For the outward sign alone
may some change have undergone,
while the Signified stays one,
and the same forevermore.

Ecce Panis Angelorum,
factus cibus viatorum:
vere panis filiorum,
non mittendus canibus.
In figuris praesignatur,
cum Isaac immolatur,
agnus Paschae deputatur,
datur manna patribus.

Hail! Bread of the Angels,
broken,for us pilgrims food,
and token of the promise by Christ spoken,
children's meat,
to dogs denied!

Shown in Isaac's dedication,
in the Manna's preparation,
in the Paschal immolation,
in old types pre-signified.

Bone pastor, panis vere,Iesu,
nostri miserere:
Tu nos pasce, nos tuere,
Tu nos bona fac videre
in terra viventium.
Tu qui cuncta scis et vales,
qui nos pascis hic mortales:
tuos ibi commensales,
coheredes et sodales
fac sanctorum civium.Amen. Alleluia.

Jesus, Shepherd mild and meek,
shield the poor, support the weak;
help all who Thy pardon sue,
placing all their trust in You:
fill them with Your healing grace!
Source of all we have or know,
feed and lead us here below.
grant that with Your Saints above,
sitting at the feast of love
we may see You face to face.Amen. Alleluia.

Jesuit Urban Center to close in Boston

- it has become long ago a centre of homosexual activism.

In reality, the Church was aleady being used for other secular aims as well. Here laid out for a banquet.

Already gutted in 1991!
"In 1991, after a lengthy and bitter battle with preservationists, the Jesuits won a precedent-setting ruling on religious freedom from the state Supreme Judicial Court allowing the order to gut the church's interior despite the city's attempt to protect the design by declaring it a historic landmark."

This was a glorious Church, and sums up so well the Boston tragedy.

The homosexuality of course that is promoted there has nothing to do with the abuse scandal.

These Jesuits. Loosers rather than soldiers on the winning side.