Tuesday, June 06, 2006


often come out with the claim that the Church of England is a continuation of the Catholic Church and that the "reformation" produced no real break.

So here is Elizabeth I on Bishop Thomas Goldwell of Oxford who was the only English ecclesiastic at the Council of Trent

"We think it may be that one Goldwell, a very simple and fond man, having in our late sister's time been named to a small bishopric in Wales called St. Asaph, though never thereto admitted, flying out of the realm upon our sister's death, is gone to Rome as a renegade, and there using the name of a bishop, without order or title, is perhaps gone in the train of some Cardinal to Trent, and so it is likely the speech hath arisen of a bishop of England being there."

Catholics and the Welsh treated with contempt.

Chapel of Our Lady, Star of the Sea

In Dunkirk, France.
"This Calvary for Sailors and this grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes"

"In recognition of the protection of Our Lady of Grace during the War 1939-44".

"Passers-by - respect this monument - do not vandalise it"

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Church of the Minimes

The Chapel of Our Lady of Loretto has now been reoccupied. This time by Iranian asylum seekers rather than Kurds.


Our Lady of Boulogne, pray for us!

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Here a remarkable wayside altar near Dunkirk dedicated to Our Lady of Boulogne. Posted by Picasa