Priest smashes television on the altar

The parish priest of the village of Villa San Carlo, Valgreghentino (Lecco), Don Enrico Spreafico, during Mass on Sunday put his television on the altar and destroyed it using a mason's hammer. The striking gesture was explained by the desire to make parishioners understand they should never, for any reason, become slaves to technology and in this case television. The initiative took place in the period of Lent, for the faithful to reflect on an issue in the judgment of the priest ever more pressing.

SHOCKING MESSAGE - "It is not the first time I have tried to shock my own parishioners to communicate to them the most important messages - said Don Enrico - so please be understanding." The pastor had asked for the TV to br placed on the altar, he covered with a plastic film to prevent anyone from being hurt by the splinters. Then, with a mason's hammer, Don Enrico smashed the device and after the sermon following the ritual. "I just wanted to make it clear that we should not be slaves of technology, we must not take for good everything that we are shown - says the priest -. The technologies serve and are useful, but should be used with a critical spirit. "



Geremia said…
Sounds like something a Manichean would do…

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