Sunday, April 04, 2010

Man "crucifies" himself in a protest at Vienna's cathedral


An « artist » sought on Friday to demonstrate against abuse in the church at St. Stephen's Cathedral, in Vienna. Parish Priest of the Cathedral Parish: This was trespass

In Vienna on Friday morning an "artist" crucified himself in St. Stephen's Cathedral in protest against abuse in the Church. The man climbed onto a scaffold and hung there, wearing only a loincloth and a crown of barbed wire on his head. In a press release the man claimed: "We do not commemorate the death of Christ today, but the social death of those who have become victims of clerics. They deserve our sympathy, our memory, our attention." The "artist" was shortly thereafter arrested by the police and led away.

According to ORF, Priest of the Cathedral Parish, Fr Faber knew nothing of the demonstration and was angered by it: "I think it is absolutely not right that I was not informed previously. I am a man who you can dialogue with and suppport the freedom of artistic expression . But as trespass has been committed, it is difficult for me to deal with the art itself.

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