Liturgical Decadence of Cardinal Electors

One hopes that this form of poverty will not be encouraged by Pope Francis. Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi!


SPQR753 said...

LITURGICAL DECADENCE of Cardinals Electors.
Who is responsi le for placing such stupid comment??

Pope Francis broke with canonic law...
Who is the one having the NERVE to criticize the Pope?

What is going on in this site? Has Satan taken over the so colled Canon Law "experts" : VADE RETRO SATANA!!

Angelo Cardinal Fratelli said...

This is not decadence, it is beauty, it is the worship of God. Pick up your Bible and read about the Temple of Solomon and cease your whining.

Allan Wafkowski said...

Angelo, pick up your bible and see what is said about the proper place of women in the church. Mindlessly berating those who perceive serious problems within the church and bring them to light is not a helpful thing to do.

SPQR753, we have every right to criticize the pope when he disobeys the rubrics of the mass. He is the Vicar of Christ, but he is not above the law. If he feels the need, let him change the rubrics. That may not be the prudent or useful thing to do, but he does have the power to do so. Otherwise he is guilty of giving bad example.