Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Systematic desecration of Austrian Cathedrals and Churches and Monasteries

A group called "Electric Church" in St Stephen's Cathedal in Vienna.

In Graz, the Church of Divine Mercy.

In Klosterneuberg Monastery

Karlskirche in Vienna

Among other places....

Tears of St Peter


Ally of Pope hits back at signatories of Correctio Filialis

"You have not understood the Pope at all!" 

The Italian Archbishop Bruno Forte sharply criticises the critics of Pope Francis. The "Correction" published over the weekend testify to ignorance and prejudice. The Italian theologian and Archbishop Bruno Forte defends Pope Francis. The Archbishop of Chieto-Vasto, according to a report from the Italian daily newspaper Avvenire (Tuesday), said that critics who recently accused the Pope of alleged heresies had not understood him at all. The signatories of the Pope's "Correction" published on the Internet during the weekend were an "absolute minority". 

They had not have grasped, but misunderstood, Francis's letter on marriage and family in April 2016 ". Forte was a special Secretary of the Episcopal Synod on Marriage and Family in 2014/2015. In this function, he was also involved in its final declaration. The Papal letter, "Amoris laetitia" on marriage and the family of April 2016 had not changed the doctrine of the Church, according to the theologian. Rather, it answers to a pastoral question in the certainty that God's love does not exclude the divorced. Hiw the Church is able to express God's love in the "living conditions of such injured families" is a necessary question and "absolutely legitimate", the archbishop says 

Whoever loves the Church cannot sign.

Forte sharply criticises the critics: anyone who ignores this concern of "Amoris laetitia" and "at any price positions adopt positions that depart from the Catholic faith," shows a "prejudiced behaviour and have scorned the spirit of the Second Vatican Council whicg the Pope embodies," said the former professor of theology. He who loves the Church and is faithful to the Pope as Peter's successor cannot sign such a document. 

The signatories of the document, published in several languages on the Internet on Sunday, expressed the view that Francis had "encouraged heretical positions on marriage, morals and the doctrine of the sacrament" in a direct or indirect way. A key element of the initiative is the letter "Amoris laetitia" from 2016. The declaration of the laymen and clerics, among them the German writer Martin Mosebach, the former head of the Vatican Bank IOR, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, as well as the Superior of the Society of St Pius X., Bernard Fellay. (CBA)