Saturday, September 23, 2017

New Bishop of Innsbruck- made in the Pope's image

This is the new Bishop of Innsbruck, Hermann Glettler  The Pope rejected the Terna and made his own choice.

(showing enormous respect for the decoration of his baroque church)

Here he is putting the finishing touches to one of his works of art, "Wounded Light". in Vienna's Votivkirche.

Pictures can only be seen by following the link as they are copyright.

The statue is decorated with mini-torchlights.

Meaningless modernism.

It is meant to say something (what?) about the theology of the body.

Cathcon despairs.

Kath,net reports.

The new bishop of the diocese of Innsbruck is likely to be conformed: Pope Francis has appointed the Episcopal Vicar of the Diocese of Graz-Seckau, Hermann Glettler (52), according to the information provided by the Tiroler Tageszeitung (Friday). The decision would be approved by the Council of Ministers next week, they said. There is no official confirmation of this either from the Diocese of Innsbruck or the diocese of Graz-Seckau.

Hermann Glettler was born in 1965 in Übelbach (district Graz area). He is parish priest in Graz and Episcopal Vicar for Caritas and Evangelism. He became well-known. for his commitment to the socially weak as well as for being an "artist priest".

Glettler would be the first fifth bishop at the head of the diocese, which was set up  in 1964. Since the move of Bishop Manfred Scheuer to Linz at the beginning of the year 2016, the Diocese had been  led in the interim by Jakob Bürgler as a diocesan administrator.