Thursday, October 26, 2017

No-one more Jesuitical than the Pope according to theologian

"For Hünermann, no one is more Jesuitically-formed than Francis
Tübingen's theologian: With the election of Francis, the church begins to "learn from the spirit of the Church in the South"

The Tübingen theologia, Peter Hünermann does not know a priest who is "more Jesuitical than Pope Francis". In all the difficult phases of his life, Jorge Mario Bergoglio had relied on the result of the four-week retreat developed by the founder of the Order, Ignatius of Loyola. These are spiritual exercises for the "distinction of the spirits".

The 88-year-old Tübingen dogmatist is the founder and founder of the "European Society for Catholic Theology" (ET). Hünermann is also one of the co-founders of a fellowship in Latin America-Germany. He has been personally acquainted with the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires and today's Pope for more than 40 years. The theologian spoke at the Catholic Church Centre in Stuttgart on Wednesday evening.

After the election of the first Pope from the southern hemisphere, Hünermann's view began to "learn from the spirit of the Church in the South". Hünermann rated the reactions of the European church representatives to the new style of leadership as "very mixed". The Catholic Church in Europe has not yet adjusted up to this point in time. As an example, Hünermann gave the questionnaires on specialist topics, which Pope Francis had sent out before a church assembly. However, in order to change the "course of a big tanker", patience is always needed", according to the theologian.


Cathcon: There is not a more decadent order in the modern Church than the Jesuits- as documented on this site among others.  Peter Hünermann accused Pope Benedict of "abuse of office" when he lifted the excommunications of the Society of St Pius X.

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