Saturday, October 21, 2017

Luther not really a heretic - Reformation was a work of the Holy Spirit

Galantino's Luther-praise

On 19 October, Bishop Nunzio Galantino, the general secretary of the Italian Bishops' Conference, visited personally by Pope Francis himself in his former bishopric and appointed by him, declared at a Reformation meeting at the Pontifical Lateran University:

"The Reformation initiated by Martin Luther 500 years ago was a work of the Holy Spirit."
At the same time he absolved Luther from all the blame for the division of Latin Christendom:

"Luther himself did not consider himself the author of the Reformation when he wrote:" While I have slept, God has reformed the church."

Probably the most brazen portrayal of the events since Luther's own.

A section on the Pope's praise of Wesley


In the edition published today, the Roman Jesuit paper, La Civiltà Cattolica (issue 4016) deals with the question whether Martin Luther was "really" a heretic. Author of the essay "Martin Luther, 500 years after" is the Jesuit Giancarlo Pani.

Pani showed himself as a Jesuit "street corner lawyer" (Roberto de Mattei) when, shortly before the beginning of the first Bishop's Synod on the Family, he promised recognition of divorce and second. Officially the agenda was, of course, "admission of remarried divorced to the sacraments". Pani claimed that the church had already known divorce and second in history ("Venetian Second"). The message to the Synodal fathers? Cardinal Kasper does not demand anything new. On October 7, 2014, historian Roberto de Mattei rebutted the story of the "Venetian Second".

More to follow!


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