Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Cardinal: "Democracy does not run by itself"

On the Day of German Unity, Cardinal Reinhard Marx called on the citizens to participate in society in view of the outcome of the Bundestag elections.

"Democracy does not run by itself," said the Archbishop of Munich and Freising and Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference on Tuesday in his sermon at a church service in Munich's Trinity Church. "Just after the last election, we realised that the great experience of German unity does not mean that all problems are solved by themselves. A democratic, open community needs constant commitment, "said Marx. The Cardinal recalled when he separation of East and West and the Wall had already become self-evident: "As a young man, I could never have imagined the Day of German Unity. There were no signs that communism would disappear during our lifetime. "This had taught him to reckon with the surprises of the history and surprises of God. "Much is possible when there are people who are brave and have a hope," said Marx.



The ceiling of the church where the Cardinal was preaching whose message is less secularised than that of the Cardinal.

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