Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Call for a multitude of catechisms tailored to suit anyone and everyone to replace Catechism of the Catholic Church

Is the Catechism of the Catholic Church today theologically served its purpose 25 years after its publication? By no means, says the Viennese dogmatic theologian, Professor Jan-Heiner Tück. The catechism was developed to combat the "loss of faith in the transformation processes of the global modernity " and has also been used successfully worldwide in religious education, the theologian said in a conversation with "Kathpress". In view of the many different cultures in which Christianity was ever inculturated each in a different way, it would be time to develop "catechisms in the plural, which would relate to the different cultural areas," according to Tück.

The time for this was favourable, since the theological wind had also changed with Pope Francis: under John Paul II the fear of plurality was overpowering even in religious questions, so that, while for example, with the Catechism, one wanted to drive "pegs in the direction of a certain uniformity of the Faith, Francis, with his "program of salutary decentralization" today also theologically provides a counterpoint which would have to be countered with the development of catechisms in the plural.

Tück among others see the possibilities in religious education: One must realize that religious education is often failing in terms of the teaching of faith today: "This, of course, also depends on the fact that religious education has pushed the catechetical dimension of the teaching of faith very far into the background. It is not just a matter of repeating like a theological parrot what is in the Catechism. One take off rather from experience, on questions, on the ability to dialogue, etc. The downside is that there is actually an evaporation of faith in places of faith. And that is tragic. " In this situation, the catechism could be one of several means to re-focus the passing on of Faith.

To the extent that the Faith and a certain degree of knowledge about faith can no longer be taken for granted, since it scarcely belongs to the life-reality of young people, new occasions to pass on the Faith, such as the Catechism, are needed. “This should not be misunderstood as neo-conservative gymnastics, that lets one again learn catechism truths like a parrot- thus no one is helped, but that one trues to translate the central meaning of the faith, as fixed in the Creed, according to the situation, according to the person addressed, "according to the Viennese theologian.


Cathcon: Catholic truth is indivisible.

See also Cardinal describes how Catechism came to be written, how it was never really accepted in Germany.  He also claims Amoris Laetitia is in line with the Catechism, using the authority of St Thomas Aquinas.

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