Saturday, October 14, 2017

Call for female deacons and married priests from progressive episcopal supporter of Pope Francis

Bishop Paul Iby emerges as a strong supporter of the incumbent Pope and the path he has set the church. "Francis had become my Pope," writes the 82-year-old bishop in his now-published book "Trust in God and Life." In Eisenstadt 1999, Iby had launched a dialogue initiative with reformists urging reform and received harsh criticism for this. However, the confirmation had come with Francis in 2013 that "the Church must follow this path of dialogue with the people" Pope Francis had become my Pope. Seen like this, I had become a bishop too early.

According to the Austrian bishop, the topic of women was also important. In Rome, he had committed himself to the consecration of female deacons. He is still convinced of the correctness of this request. "When the Church really studies the question of female ordination and is intensely occupied with it, this time will come. Similar to the abolition of the obligation celibacy. "


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